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The Sass Peepre National Junior Training Camp brings together young orienteers across the country for technical training, games, and social activities, aiming to cultivate camaraderie among participants and sustain their interest in the sport.

The Camp

Juniors ages 10 - 20 of all orienteering abilities.

Participants age 12 and under must have a supervising adult on site. Non-Canadian juniors are welcome.

For Whom

The camp will be split between Mansfield, location of the Canadian Orienteering Championships, and Kingston, location of the mid-week NAOC sprints.


Sunday, August 4

   3pm - 8pm - Mansfield

Monday, August 5

   9am - 1pm - Mansfield

Tuesday, August 6

   9am - 2pm - Kingston

Tentative Schedule

Given the packed schedule of this year's Canadian Orienteering Festival, the training camp will be relatively short. Participants can expect one to two training sessions led by experienced coaches, engaging orienteering games, and various outdoor activities. On Tuesday, there will be tailored exercises focusing on Sprint technique in preparation for the races in Kingston.


This is a day camp only. However, camping at Mansfield on Sunday night is encouraged (the cabins and fieldhouse are not available on Sunday night). Parents are responsible for arranging overnight accommodations and travel between Mansfield and Kingston.


Sass Peepre National Junior Training Camp

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