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NAOC Sprint Relay

Updated: Jun 7

Wednesday, August 7

The NAOC Sprint Relay day consists of 3 different races:

  • Club Relay

  • National Team Relay

  • Kids Relay

These relays have been set up to maximize fun and spectating opportunities for all. All courses will be fast and furious (and fun!).

The open Club Relay will run first with 3 legs and all legs having an arena passage/spectator control partway through the course. The National Team relay follows with nearly constant spectating through multiple arena passages and announcers keeping track of all the action. Then the race day will cap off with a kids relay for youth 16 and under and all are encouraged to cheer as loudly as possible!

Club Relay

The Club Relay is a 3 leg relay with no restrictions on who can run which leg nor on the gender make-up of teams. Point categories will be used for the purpose of awards.

Participation is open to everyone but to be eligible for club championships/awards all team members must be from the same North American club. Assistance in creating multi-club teams will be provided for athletes looking for teammates. Team must be a submitted to organizers the day before the relay.

This will be the first relay of the day and starts at 10:00. Expected winning times are approximately 15 minutes per leg. All legs are at an intermediate level with the second leg being slightly easier and the first and last legs being slightly harder with more complex route choices.

Starting at 11:15 (the National Team Relay start), participants will be allowed on course to spectate the National Team and kids relays or shadow kids in the kids relay.

To determine your category, add up the points of each member of your 3-person team using the table below:




16 & under



17 - 20



21 - 35



35 - 49



50 - 59



60 - 69



70 & over



The total number of points for your team determines which point category you are competing in:


Points Required

Club Expert

0 - 2

Club Advanced

3 - 5

Club Sport

6 +

National Team Relay

The National Team Relay follows the IOF Mixed Sprint Relay format. There are 4 legs with at least two women on the team and the first and last legs must be run by women.

There will be three categories in the National Team Relay: 21+ (senior), 20- (junior) and 18- (youth). All of these categories will run the same courses and in the same mass start to maximize competition.

Expected winning times for each leg is 12.5-13 minutes with a total expected winning time of 50-52 minutes (for senior classes).

Athletes running the National Team Relay will be quarantined beforehand. Athletes will enter quarantine after the start, handover and finish demonstrations. Prior to entering quarantine, athletes must follow the marked route from parking to the arena.

Each North American nation must appoint a delegate responsible for registering teams. Each nation may enter up to 16 teams across all three categories. There will be a deadline in July to select a delegate and let organizers know how many teams they will be registering. Team composition must be submitted to organizers the day before the relay.

Non North American teams may be entered at the discretion of the organizers. Participants should be registered in the competitive 16-, 18-, 20- or 21+ categories for their individual races to be considered.

Kids Relay

The Kids Relay is open to kids and youth up to age 16 (as of Dec 31st, 2024). Kids are encouraged to make a team with friends regardless of which club they are from.

The Kids Relay consists of 3 legs. Legs 1 and 3 will be forked and at an intermediate level. Leg 2 will be an unforked novice/easy intermediate level course. All participants from the club and national team relays are strongly encouraged to cheer on the kids and make this as much fun as possible!!

Kids may run the Club Relay (or National Team Relay) and the Kids Relay if they choose to. There will be no medals/competitive awards for the Kids Relay.



Demo of start, handover, and finish procedure: 9:30 am

National team athletes enter quarantine: 9:45-9:55 am

Club relay mass start: 10:00 am

Club relay mass start for final leg runners that haven't started yet: 10:55 am

National team relay mass start: 11:15 am

Kids relay mass start: 12:15 pm

Courses close: 1:15pm

Awards: 1:15 pm


Registration / Race Kit Pick-up / Information Desk: In arena.

Start / Finish: In arena.


Parking will be in parking lots off of Heakes Ln next to the old asylum for the criminally insane! Please pay attention to volunteer parking attendants for instructions when you arrive. Once parked all participants must strictly following the marked route to the arena.


Parking to arena: 100-400m

Arena to start: 0m

Arena to quarantine (national team relay athletes): 50m


Contours: 2.5m

Map Size: 8.5 x 11

Scale: 1:4,000


Course Planner: Jeff Teutsch

Controller: Jennie Anderson

Event Director:  Anne Teutsch

Event Technical Director: Stefan Bergstrom


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