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January 25, 2024

If you want to get in a little extra orienteering, and/or a little extra training, come early to the Ottawa area and try out some of our favourite training maps. There are three forest maps that will give you a good feel of the Calabogie terrain, and four sprint maps that will give you a feel for the Kingston sprint maps, and a great opportunity to see a the City of Ottawa. In addition to these training maps, there are old maps of the Queen's University campus and Mansfield.

Forest Training Maps
  1. Foley Mountain, north of Kingston. Foley Mountain is a great training area for anyone wanting to see what the Calabogie terrain will be like. It is in the Foley Mountain Conservation area, where the 2017 Canadian Championships were held. There is a parking fee at the conservation area.

  2. March Highlands, in the west end of Ottawa. A favourite map for being close to the city with great technical terrain, the March Highlands map offers the rocky, forested terrain of the Canadian Shield, without the hills of Foley Mountain or Calabogie.

  3. Cite des Jeunes. A hilly and rocky map in Gatineau Park. Mapped by Jeff Teutsch, the mapper for the NAOC Calabogie forest races.

Sprint Training Maps
  1. U Ottawa, in downtown Ottawa. The University campus map was used for our 2023 Ottawa O-Fest Knock-Out sprint, and is a typical urban university campus with lots of interesting control sites and route choices.

  2. Ottawa Downtown. This new map was first used as the Qualifier round for the 2023 Ottawa O-Fest Knock-Out Sprint. It runs along the west side of Ottawa's historic Rideau Canal, and through our National Arts Centre, City Hall, Confederation Park and other local landmarks.

  3. LeBreton Flats - just west of downtown Ottawa. This map is an intricate, challenging sprint map, much of it on National Capital Commission parklands, with tunnels, stairways and recreational pathways often offering challenging route choice options throughout .

  4. Heritage Perth. This sprint map was used for the COC 2017 sprint. Perth is halfway between Kingston and Calabogie.

Training maps will be accessible at any time. There will be no controls in the terrain.

Training maps can be purchased when you register for the event on Zone4.

Training Opportunities

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